New media: Interactivity and immateriality

Interactivity in new media usually refers to forms of communication where the audience uses technology to manipulate the structure, sound, or image of the text thus giving the user a sense of power whereby in the past radio and newspapers require you to follower their progress from beginning to end, where digital media it Is chunks of data where the viewer can move to the point of interest. 


Facebook created by Mark Zuckerberg is the ultimate tool for the social experiment where people are able to relate and create an invisible social cloud that where you are able to communicate with people not only nationally but internationally which is lightyears ahead of any newspaper or radio that only enables the viewer to participate in a one-way communication whereby the community is only informed. 

Though digital media texts are de-materialized and broken from their physical form and thus the users experience is changed where the computer screen becomes a space of virtual reality with objects that exist in the real world, e.g. Cut and paste we use in the physical world whilst in the virtual world cut and paste applies the same logic but is nonexistent. 

There are positives to this social circle, for example there cannot be any discrimination in the sense of age, siskin color, weight, physical abilities as the social world though it thins the line between what is real and what is nonexistent. 


Netflix is an American entertainment company founded in 1997 that focuses on the visual element streaming online and video on demand entertainment that enhances the technology aspect of today’s day and age though it does take away from the normal everyday powered by SABC which does take away from the society and community. 


YouTube is also another example of how a company is taking away from the local entertainment channels like VUZU, Trace and many more as YouTube is a music streaming sight and offered the comfort as well as free access has given and takes as well as it is a free streaming sight that caters to the music community though raises question of if users are using less of TV and more of multipurpose devices to access it which makes it very mobile.    





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