How media represents people. #Race


What everyone is unaware of is the simple truth that no matter what we represent, it is a form of social construct where the media sets across points of view and while we contemplate it turns out to be quiet profitable.

I believe that in some cases woman are being portrayed as sex icons in the eyes of the media and there is clear statistical evidence in the link, though I see it in a light of not only disrespect but undermining the real capabilities of woman.



How media represents men is no different from the way they portray woman, How the media represents men Keith Richman , CEO of Break Media “the media has class men as big built , skirt chasers and inept at relationships and parenting”. .Nov 14, 2012 @ 03:14 PM Meghan Casserly , Forbes Staff
Entrepreneurship. By women, of women, for women.

The medias representation of gay man September-23-2011-21-53-45-ScreenShot20110923at6.jpg

How the media represents the media is not entirely true ,they classed gay men to be and act a certain way when in all honesty not every gay men might necessary follow ,we all have our own perception of reality and character that molds our personality I feel that’s a matter of choice , self will and consideration should apply to such a sensitive subject.

“…one apprehends reality only through representations of reality through texts, discourses, images; there is no such thing as unmediated* access to reality. But because one can see reality only through representation it does not follow that one does not see reality at all. Reality is always more extensive and complicated than any system of representation can possibly comprehend and we always sense that this is so” (Dyer, 1993:3).

Being only human means representation cant answer our sense of reality though we constantly search and strive to represent it in different lights, it is not objective and derives from bias of a particular individual  which forms to be subjective but always will be subject to power.


The perception against Black Men is really negative and it seems that is a staple on every one of their backs ,a really misguided stereotype

I feel like not every black men is a convict or inept of being a father figure or a family man, the reality is a figure of violence and resistnce, which is not completely true and for this reason is feel its misinterpreted. .










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