Main functions of the media

If i were to look at media as a metaphore it would be a mirror, like a window referes to the media broadning our horizones ,iv never been to Bazil but still movies and documentaries gives me an idea of w hat it is like there though the Mirror effect also allows distortion of this reflection obviously the picture the media potrays is not entirely Brazil but infact an incomplete and distorted image only showing us parts of that reality .

One of the main functions of the media is to entertain from 3 perspectives.

Rhetorical Perspective

Michael Novack states that there were 3 influences on any society and through social  media reflects political ,economical and moral culture influences in many ways, with the rise of technology the need has increased in forms of television, cell phones, internet, newspapers and radio.                                      Placeholder Image

Behavioral Perspective

The behavioral theory is a result of the interactions between an individual and there environment as well as observable and measurable behavior rather than mental or emotional behavior, Theorist such as Skinner used operate conditioning and Pavlov used classical conditioning using an example of the dog associates food with the bell he rang.

The cognitive theory is regarded as the bridge between classical behaviorism and other theory’s that emphasis behavior has much in common with behavioral theory which suggest our environment determines our behavior.             

Social Influence

Imitation is one of the most basic forms of social behavior begins with the understanding that there is a difference between others and ourselves. In 1977 Andrew Meltzhof questioned the theory that said understanding between self and others happens a few months after birth.

A person refers to reference groups through the group belief, attitudes or behaviors to influence our own belief, these reference groups set same level of aspiration. Cultural and socialization theory to help explain the influence that those around us have on our development of a broad scale.                                                                    





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