Ethnicity vs Race 

Ethnicity refers to the people who share the same values whether it is cultural factors including nationality, language and religion and culture through social interactions and race refers to one’s skin tone, hair color and eye color, essentially race and ethnicity is linked to biological and sociological factors. 


An easy example of race would be a brown, black or white skin from all parts of the world and an example of ethnicity would be a Portuguese or Spanish speaking person regarding race thus your race determines how you look and ethnicity defines who you belong to base on your social and cultural groups.

The significance of Ethnicity is defined is terms of genealogy and typically as a normal individual from a normal bloodline was to know where I came from and who was the people that I descendent down from I personally would want to associate myself with that specific group, whilst race is not so much something we can chose as it genetic and is the only thing that truly separate us though into today’s world that isolation has been broken and everybody seems to be of a mixed group.




Kim Jon-Un the supreme leader since 2011 of North Korea being the 3rd ruler in the 3rd dynasty passed down from his father and grandfather is the world’s most isolated country where the people have no internet and the state has almost all control over what goes in and out of the country, and recently has blew a fuse with America because of Donald Trump

It is recognized as treason towards the state if you are to take footage of anything in North Korea though so many people lose their lives trying to smuggle footage out of North Korea and some do succeed and what Is seen is quiet disturbing of homeless children and poverty whilst North Korea state TV makes the country out to be a land of plenty showing pictures of an advanced economy, happy people and well fed children that tells the people they are in the best country in the world which seems like emotional and physical dictatorship.

I don’t really think North Korean people have the choice to decide who they are, as they are told from birth how to be, I feel it brings a sense of culture as no other traditions are influences, though I feel they are stealing from their own people’s self-will and blinding them from having influences from the western and European culture keeping his people in the past and from outside influence and that is why so many North Koreans feel trapped, constantly in fear are defect to South Korea. 


Media Culture: Cultural periods 


We celebrate western culture through shared beliefs and values of a social group which media is the vessel to distribute culture and thus forming a construct in itself where people are able to act out ideas in their daily lives and work and each individual represents this differently and therefore we live in media culture and we see media as culture and a reflection of culture. 


In December 1953 Hugh Hefner published the very first playboy magazine, 44 pages long and did not have a date because Hugh Hefner was not completely sure there would be a second issue though selling 54,175 copies at 50 cents a magazine its clear to say people had a sweet tooth for the forbidden fruit having Marline Monroe as the cover model, even before the 1st magazine many people were against the movement but yet adapted to change from what was known as community standards. 

Conceptualizing woman is such a way I personally am against as it views woman as objects of lust and not subjects we should study and love, though it is a question to raise as to why playboy magazines are available all over the world at most convenient stores yet pornography is so widely available and easy to access through the internet raises eyebrows. 


Playboy Magazine might have been the start but Vogue “Cadeaux” magazine really elevated the bar to an extent where 6-year-old girls are being defaced and stamped with “Cadeaux” labels is a take on erotic innocence which I feel is completely not on as how can the game has changed so drastically that the target audience is targeted before they can be stripped of any innocence wrapped and sold.  

I feel its embracing the youth to grow up before its time and recreate what has already been. At what age is it appropriate for a girl to wear lipstick, put on make-up and the fact that the media has a foothold in making these decisions gathers the thoughts of are they really trying to embrace or kill our youth to today. 


In the ‘1920s alcohol was banned for the United states of America, later in the 1933 is was legalized though many have died and are addicts to this specific substance it was given to the public and targeted at a much older audience though it was never an argument to underage consumption and abuse though in today’s life and times that has changed drastically with the rise of “Lean” which is cough syrup mixed with sprite, in today’s music videos and in the music industry they are influencing the youth of today to consume without taking into account the side effects in what is known to be one of the ten worst drugs in the world.


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Discourse and Ideology #Anonymous 


 Originated in 2003, Anonymous is an elite group of international network activists and hacktivist that strive for a better system and can be viewed in public with white guy Fawkes marks in the style portrayed from the film V for Vendetta which says a lot about this as all that are for anonymous including government agencies so the U.S, Uganda, Israeli and more have a loosely agreed goal in mind voicing their opinion publicly through a computerized voice.



I feel what Anonymous stands for is completely understandable and from a personal point of view I agree and am in full support of the mission though I doubt that people have considered the anarchy that could come from having a government free community though a system is implemented for a reason and it is working, my fear is one day if there is no system what will we all become.  



They are not afraid or intimidated and their rain and number of soldiers ready for battle is increasing, and this is a serious thing to want to overthrow the government and they are going through extreme lengths to accomplish this claiming hacking Donald Trump and Anonymous hackers have declared total war on Donald Trump after Trumps banning of Muslim people releasing a video stating how they have been watching him and it has been deeply disturbing. (Fortune, 2016)

Who can really fight with Anonymous for declaring war with Donald Trump, his actions words and rulings is in benefit to no one other than himself portraying this ego of power and stature but in the end, he is a redefined dictator temporarily banning Muslim people from America and building a wall at Mexico’s boarder indicated to me hatred for other races which is actually very heartbreaking as that is looking at people as colors and not human beings dividing people by race and separating them by culture.

I really feel they should be a system in place to keep the structure and maintain a balance though if leaders act on selfish believes and values, leaders should be changed and the table should be reopened for renegotiation keeping that the people as the voice and power of the nation as they are the ones who are creating this reality everyone is so eager to control though if they is no system there is no control, thus anarchy. 



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Stereotyping #Binary oppositions #Social construction of meaning 


The Binary oppositions developed by a social anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss expressed in great detail that the meaning of something depends on its opposite and contrasts between two equal terms and the social construct of meaning developed by a semiotician, Roland Barthes has myths that are mainly communicated through stereotypes accepted as “Natural law” and no doubt the media plays a role in straightening these myths. 

The world of today is so divided by race and separated by culture which leaves an after effect on society and the future to come because what we do today will leave a map for future generations, it’s real shame because we drink the same water, breath the same air, and have the same color blood running through our veins yet we chose to look at each other in a negative light and fight a sense of superiority in it all. 


This Add by Nivea was pulled after was extremely clear to see how offensive and racist this particular add was being toward the black community, depicting a black man that is in a semi-formal wear is appearing to throwing a black dummy head that has an afro and a beard which I find very offensive as everyone has the right to express themselves as seen fit and should not be judged on what is proclaimed to be “Re-civilizing” oneself.


This Add by Nivea was pulled after was extremely clear to see how offensive and racist this particular add was being toward the black community, depicting a black man that is in a semi-formal wear is appearing to throwing a black dummy head that has an afro and a beard which I find very offensive as everyone has the right to express themselves as seen fit and should not be judged on what is proclaimed to be “Re-civilizing” oneself. 


In this picture we see how the media is trying to persuade us from believing we all have the same abilities and are equal in most ways, that being said I find it very offensive that it would just be classified that men are not very brilliant cooks looking at that potato portraying us males as unequipped to cook which is not necessarily true as we have some of the greatest chefs in the world who happen to be men. 

Jamie Oliver the gentleman that have broken that stereotype that man can’t cook and that have strived in not only as chefs but successful restaurant owner and continues to peruse his dream and career in culinary arts.


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Approaching Culture Jamming #Above the influence

Medication that is an herb that grows like a fruit, a culture and religion but is classified as a recreational drug which is illegal in many parts of the world though misinterpreted, cannabis has many uses that are more beneficial to the economy and public than harmful with hemp products that are able to replace natural resources we are overusing and abusing ,like trees for paper and with proven medical contribution and with no deaths ever it is a real disappointment to people’s manipulated perception and point of view to a natural plant that grows from the earth which should be decriminalized. (Wikipedia, 2017) 

Benjamin Franklin once said “The only thing more expensive than education is ignorance”. (T Exist), Above the influence, American medic association and many others have conceptualized cannabis as a drug and as a result has manipulated the public through media to believe these half-truths and misguided approaches to mislead the public to believing their blind sighted views with no relevant or beneficial evidence to stand behind, yet enforcing negative views and beliefs on something that has not fully been researched thus altering people’s perception and stripping their choice to decide. (YouTube, 2017) 

The organization Above the influence used a “Slomming” video which is a social experiment in high schools where people stick leaches to themselves and it has become a social epidemic in the sense of where it is viewed as an addiction and suddenly dragging cannabis into the situation at the last moment and related it with the words “what could you be convinced to do?”. There is a compilation of anti-cannabis advertisements that are hilarious though keeping it away from children until they have a sane mind to understand and decide for themselves would be a good idea. (YouTube, 2017) 

The funniest reaction is the actual people who do smoke cannabis and watch these anti-cannabis commercials, where it is clearly over exaggerated to very high degrees in where your mindset is manipulated to the point where you try to believe an individual that is under the influence of cannabis will result in a man kissing a man or the person deflates like a hot air balloon or jumping into an empty swimming pool, to the extent where you would actually shrink or hallucinations to the point where you are having conversations with objects which is not proven in terms of visual hallucinogenic properties. (YouTube, 2017)  

Culture jamming also known as gorilla advertising is used to disrupt media culture and their mainstream which is needed as every angle the media is using to negatively influence something they really know nothing about and now that it is legalized in many parts commercials are influencing and manipulating the viewers into supporting them rather than the opposition in an attempt to control the market though is all this necessary when these campaigns are not really reaching their goal. (Wikipedia, 2017)  

Cannabis derived from the plant (cannabis sativa) has the same growing patterns as a fruit, can be grown in almost any climate, increased levels of cultivation by means of hydroponic and indoor technology for the main ingredient delta-9 tetra hydro-cannabinol, known as THC which is the part of the plant that makes you “High” and is used for three forms, marijuana, hashish and has oil, and is usually smoked in three ways, hand rolled joints, bongs, pipes or even in food and beverages. Users speak of the feeling as euphoric and relaxation with affects to their mood, thoughts and perception. (ADAI, 2013) 

A religion is more deeply affected by this than we realize is the culture that can be associated with dreads, Rastafarians as a social and religious movement is based on the bible referred to as Rasta ology, God referred to as Jah who resides in everyone, importance is given to emperor Hali Selassie and Rastafari is Afrocentric which is believed oppressed by western society although Rastas live natural and pure and smoking ganja is part of Rastafari as it is medication that helps meditation, (Wikipedia, 2017) 

When consuming cannabis one must take into account that they are pros and cons to the recreational use, Cannabis is used to effectively relieving vomiting and nausea, removes muscle spasms, increase appetite and regarded as one of the safest to use, but on the other hand can have effects on one’s short term memory, frequent use can cause cognitive abilities and carries a risk of addiction which is much safer than cigarettes which is sold to public keeping in mind all of the deaths caused by tobacco.               

Wherever cannabis is grown, things grow and multiply around it, wherever tobacco is grown everything around it dies, it is more than just a natural herb that is smoked, it is medication, hemp can replace paper, build homes, feed starving tummies, cloth the homeless and still be the binding agent for a religion and culture, the economy would benefit more from the capital than the amounts they are wasting fighting a losing war, when it could just be decriminalized and controlled. (V well, 2017)             

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Media effects: Social Media as diffusion of innovation in modeling personality #Fashion

Overtime fashion does change, trends are recreated and personalities seem to correlate with their intended fashion statement looking at trendsetters in the ’50s like Pierre Balmain with his pure French roots recreated the woman’s fashion sense into an eye of elegance and grace or someone like Spanish designer Christian Dior who redefined woman’s fashion after the war with bell suits and tiny waists where people like Grace Kelly seemed to adore.

The TV series Gossip Girl is a good way to look at the teens of today and the impact of social media, exploring the streets of Manhattan whilst fashion as the focal point lighting the status and personality associated with the clothing you wear and the people that follow you according to the status you hold which brings up a debate as to inequality

Price and environment is really limited in the eyes of the media, the price difference on clothing determined on the brand yet the clothing cost more or less the same to manufacture in poor area. the worst part about high end fashion is the fact that the items are limited and not everyone can afford it and associates the item with exclusive qualities
The men’s fashion trend in the ’50s portrayed men in a classic gentleman’s style with a hat, pants, jacket and tie almost always dark and when they weren’t wearing suits and ties they were in sweaters or vests which in all honesty portrays men in the classic formal and sophisticated manner which gave a classic edge to the new bad boy trend where groups like the teddy boys came out with the gelled hair, group of friends smoking cigarettes sets the way for trendsetters in the male community.
Consumers attitudes, thoughts and values are becoming a standard for marketing and they are not shy in exploiting it, for now people are motivated to achieve and maintain their desire to the relevant social group and really adds to self-esteem.

(Very young Teddy Boys. Photo – Roger Mayne – 1956)

Compare to fashion of the ’50s where dance moves, love of cars were all new, todays culture is more embarrassed, more divers and self-aware to trying new things though I feel over time fashion has become relapse of style but a continuous growth in fanbase to not just the brand or what is stands for but the people who has an influence in the brand, e.g. the Kanye West Yeezy, people don’t just buy that sneaker because its Adidas, they bought it because they support Kanye West and his style.
Fashion for woman in 2017 has become more reveling, self-empowering and more detailed which I feel is needed as every woman is unique and empresses the feminist qualities and should have a fashion identity which caters to her style which does influence behavior though is behavior associated with fashion and gives a sense of status and entitlement e.g.

(Elle Magazine)
Men’s fashion in 2017 is really the opposite of the ’50s, the suits are more tailored, ties are much more leaner and the teens have associated the style and culture with fashion and it seems to be a trend most boys are locking into, the use of cigarettes in the ’50s have escalated to cough syrup and sprite in today’s day and age, acting and dressing the gentleman is a thing of the past and “swag” is now what’s considered to be the new cool and not only men are following this trend it seems to have connect the whole globe where its more than just clothing but style, way of talking and way of acting.

I believe in the ’50s the trendsetters and stylists paved the way for what we perceived as cool and the media broadcasted that to the world where behaviors where adapted from what was being worn and the stylist vision, today on the other hand seems to me like the media is acting out and we are copping that depiction looking at not only fashion but behavior and how society is more comfortable accepting and exploiting.

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The Critical Approach: Social Media as an influential source of coverage and a prominent distraction. #Houston Hurricane Harvey. 

The Hurricane Hervey flood in Houston Texas is known to most of the public as a natural disaster at its peak with major floods destroying homes, cars, and crippled individuals who are suffering by the hands of this epic disaster, though I feel news coverage is beneficial in term of broadcasting a cry for help but if I put myself in their shoes id want to be treated as a human and not an object of a story.

On August 29, 2017 CNN interviews a black woman standing with her two kids, they had just barely survived waiting almost 5 days for help, She and her two daughters arrived at one of the shelters in Houston just moments after being rescued soaking wet and shivering to be helped by a microphone and full camera crew that seemed to be really concerned on how she was feeling, though I feel there was a disconnect of empathy and emotion towards that family and their circumstances at that very moment.

There are always better moments to consolidate this family on how they were feeling just moments after being rescued and CNN suffered for their lack of compassion towards this family in regards to getting a story and social media blew up with individuals speaking out against what was being done and in response like any news broadcaster they became the hero instead in what looked to be a fake attempt to save an individual from the flood on camera and redeem the public’s faith in the channel.

President of the U.S. Donald Trump visited Houston in his attempt to aid the victims of the flood shaking hands, handing out food parcels having a slight glimpse of empathy in the cameras eyes though I feel there was a real absence of the human emotion in regards to these real people in this real predicament and the power is in their hands to make a difference.

Joel Osteen multi-millionaire pastor and owner of mega church which seats an estimate of 16 000 seats in Houston closed doors to the victims of the flood and was unable to be reached for comments, though after days of bad publicity and heavy criticism made a turnaround decision and reopened the church to the flood victims.

In all fairness everyone has a part to play in helping revive the roots of the fruit we reap and helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey ,though what I really wonder is where is “Black lives matter” in this devastating struggle while actors like Kevin Heart is lending a helping hand in celebs to donate to Houston and names a lot of famous rich celebrities that honors his wishes and accepts the challenge in a hole hearted and selfless attempt to use the media to his advantage to lend a bigger hand then he could give.

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